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Sectors of activity

Our main sectors of activity

Regardless of your requirements, Pultrusion Technique has the solution. Our value proposition to all our clients affords creative turnkey solutions, including design, customization, composite engineering, manufacturing, and unwavering quality assurance.

Underground Storage Tanks

When it comes to hold-down straps to increase the retention of underground storage systems, Pultrusion Technique is known for its reputation in manufacturing quality and design precision. Our products are used by major underground storage tank providers as the best-quality cost-effective solution that are engineered for easy installation and extensive adaptability, and are manufactured under strict quality standards in order to fully comply with the client’s specifications. We have also introduced a new generation of anchor bases to the industry, which is our innovative composite product made to deliver your project more rapidly, with higher security, and with lower installation costs. The new anchor base installation kit is supplied with a range of accessories for maximum versatility.

Non-ferrous metal

Both electrowinning (EW) and electrorefining (ER) of non-ferrous metals use our products in different refinery plants such as zinc and copper. Our Electrolytic Cells and Equipotential Insulators are designed and made to have exceptional resistance against thermal variations, thermal shock, short-circuits, and chemical attacks during the hydrometallurgy process. The ultra-high lifespan of these products is proven by our clients who have had our products in operation for over 20 years, which can significantly reduce your operational costs, with no maintenance even in the harshest conditions.


The very high dielectric strength of our composite products makes them an ideal solution in electric construction projects of any field, due to their low conductivity and electromagnetic neutrality. Pultrusion Technique manufactures composite elements for the electrical industry, with outstanding dielectric strength, exceptional UV grading, and remarkably high environmental resistance. These products are lightweight, durable, weather-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and require little maintenance. We have been supplying composite mid-span brackets for the largest electricity distributors in Canada for the last decades.

Pultruded Parts and Composites

Our manufacturing processes are among the best. We use high-quality reinforcing glass fibers, structural adhesives, and resins, which make polymerization highly effective, and meet the most demanding chemical, flame retardant, electrical and environmental conditions. Experience, technology, design, and resin matrices are what set us apart. We make pultruded parts and composite products that are well known for their quality and reliability, in different shapes, be it a bar, a rod, or any other custom profile. We manufacture products with very accurate dimensional tolerances, high strength-to-weight ratio, improved transverse and shock resistance, and superior mechanical properties.

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