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Our know-how is continually sought after to meet the most sophisticated needs of each and every one of our clients, while increasing productivity, efficiency, reliability, safety and profitability of their business.

Penoles Mexico 2019

Single piece "umbrella" type insulator 10.080mm long from the first anode to the last anode; for a total length of 10600mm to work at 200 Amps

Penoles Mexico 2019

Vllo insulators and electrodes

Photography shows after 8 years of uninterrupted service Altitude 5000m Original cathodes and anodes Electrodes still aligned 12 to 14 years maintenance free

Vllo insulators and electrodes

client testimonials

Sample endorsements by our customers

Quality, durable, resistant and customized products. Don’t settle for less!
Gabriel Vera
Copper processing specialist engineer
We congradulate you for an excellent performance and we look forward towards an equally favorable relationship between your company and PASAR.
Jonas Peter C. Pinon,
Superintentent – Supply Puschasing
We are very impressed with the dimensional consistency of the capping boards that we received and did not fully appreciate that such tolerances were possible.
Henry Salomon-De-Friedberg
Compañia Minera Quebrada Blanca S.A
(…) I see only benefits with these new insulators, CCR has been using them for more than 20 years with no complaints, resulting in: -Faster cell washing resulting in shortened power-off to power-on during electrode exchanges. -Better alignment of the electrodes. -Because of higher heat resistance no more melting insulators which damaged the busbars. -Almost 20 years of use before changing. (…)
Mr. Daniel Savard, CCR, 2019
We have been using Pultrusion Technique capping block insulators for many years now, starting with a first trial experiment in 1976. The second experimental order came in 1978, followed by a first production order in 1979 and major orders since then. The evolution of this product through its many improvements over the year makes it an undeniable asset to enhanced production. Prior to our modernization project, we had Pultrusion Technique capping block insulators in almost all our tank houses, and we used only Pultrusion Technique capping block in our liberators. In 1995, we filled up our liberators section and we are pleased to inform you that all these insulators are still in operation. The complete automation of our tank house required a very reliable insulator reliable with long durability, high mechanical strength, very high level of precision, able to resist high short circuits, chemical resistance. Although all these characteristics were prerequisites, the selection process would also take into consideration proof of long term operation of their product and their long-term stability. In this regard, we conducted an in-depth evaluation of the insulators of our suppliers. Following this mechanical study, we chose the Pultrusion Technique insulator mainly for their high mechanical resistance and long durability. These insulators have been in operation in our tank house for many years and we visited Pultrusion Technique on occasion. We consider Pultrusion Technique as a reliable company and we are most satisfied with the quality of their insulator, hence we have no hesitation in recommending this product.
Yvon Fiset
Glencore CCR


Loi sur la qualite de l'environnement (RLRQ, chapitre Q-2, article 22)

Historical Gallery

Historical gallery
Robert and his father who founded Pultrusion Technique, previously named Technical plastics
Historical gallery3
Composite separator
Composite separator for water traps
Historical gallery2
Composite chimney

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