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Fiberglass Anchor Base

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Fiberglass Anchor Base: F.A.S.T.

Fast Anchoring System for Tanks
A lightweight fiberglass anchor base is our solution to many inefficiencies that arise from using traditional concrete deadman systems for underground storage tanks, such as freight, reception and storage, shipping to customers, handling difficulties, long installation time and security concerns for the construction team. This new fiberglass deadman anchor or as we name it, Fast Anchoring System for Tanks (F.A.S.T), is made to solve all those harsh ways of working in an efficient way.

Traditional Deadman System vs F.A.S.T.

Installing an underground storage tank normally requires securing the premises, digging a hole with angled or vertical walls, lowering and leveling the concrete bases, lowering the reservoir, securing the straps, attaching them, and tightening them on the bases. All this is within a limited area, with the hazards that it entails. F.A.S.T. reduces installation time and inherent hazards. It is a one-step operation that will reduce costs and increase productivity. This innovative system comes with straps and fiberglass bases that could be attached to the tank prior to shipment, already loaded on the truck, and ready for being lowered into place. All the work is done at ground level, which accelerates, facilitates, and secures operations.

Key Highlights of F.A.S.T.

  • An innovative design for a lightweight, yet rigid, anchoring system using fiberglass deadman.
  • A pioneering system that beats all the alternatives in the market both in terms of performance and efficiency.
  • A fiberglass deadman that weighs only %10 of the weight of a traditional concrete deadman, making it an easy-to-align option by workers even without a crane or lift.
  • A combo that saves a considerable amount of time in handling and installation.


F.A.S.T. is designed with high safety factors and is proved through both computer simulations and experiments to address any uncertainties in your project.

Through the development process, our engineering team utilized some of the most advanced software packages in the world, such as SolidWorks and ABAQUS, for analysis purposes before prototyping. The optimized design, combined with satisfying results of real-world tests has left no doubt about the exceptional performance of our new system.

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