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Hold down straps

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Hold down straps

Leading the underground storage tank industry

Our hold down straps are designed to increase the retention of underground storage systems and are used by major
underground storage tank providers. This high quality cost effective product is engineered for easy install and manufactured under strict quality standards in order to fully comply with client specifications.

Our success bears witness to our constant desire to change and improve manufacturing processes and methods, and achieve scientific and technological advances in pultrusion. Our products are the result of rigorous and comprehensive scientific processes, total quality control, and the contribution of highly qualified specialists. Our advanced technical knowledge of all product components allows us to deliver products of remarkable precision.

Our mission is to provide a superior product that meets our
customer’s needs, and we always do everything possible to
achieve this as our goal at each stage of our production

Adaptable to your underground storage tank systems

Our straps adapt to all types of tanks and situations. No matter the size of the tank, the type of environment or whether the tank is installed in a trench with open or tight walls, our straps will increase the retention of your underground storage tank systems. We not only test every single strap individually before shipping but also, continue to develop our innovative solutions and technologies, ensuring that the products meet the highest requirements and satisfy even the most demanding clients across all areas of underground tanks applications.

Epoxy Composite to metal bonding

We use an exceptional composite to metal bonding technique that ensures a long lasting corrosion resistant anchoring system capable of sustaining extensive tensile loads, i.e. 25,000 lbs (155,500 N) with only 2% elongation at breaking point. This is well beyond the industry standard for tank straps offered by other competitors on the market today, and guarantees that you can count on them over time! Our ultrahigh strength straps are backed by a replacement warranty against any failure prior to the rated ultimate loading level. We guarantee our strap strength, durability, environmental resistance, and ease of installation for a superior product that you can trust and depend on for all your projects.

Adaptable to your needs

Our company has a strong tradition of innovation and creativity, which we continue to build on today as part of our research program and development process that are aimed at constantly improving our range of products and services. With different
options that we provide for hooks attached to the hold-down straps, we are able to offer an efficient solution that meets all of your needs and requirements.

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