Efficiency, performance, endurance and the very high durability of our products are just some of the many benefits you can expect.

Ensure the safety of your underground installations with our hold-down straps. They are manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality, are subject to stringent production and inspection methods, and above all, are very easy to install.


The most dependable hold-down straps available in the industry today

Our hold-down straps are designed to increase the retention of underground storage systems and are used by major underground storage tank providers. This high-quality cost-effective product is engineered for easy install and manufactured under strict quality standards in order to fully comply with clients’ specifications.

Our pultruded fiberglass reinforced straps are made of synthetic resin and are capable of withstanding up to 25,000 lbs (111,000 N) tension, the highest level of resistance in the underground storage tank systems industry.

Used in a variety of underground storage projects

Our hold-down straps are designed for a variety of underground liquid storage projects, such as – but not limited to – petroleum and water.

hold-down straps
hold-down straps


Each strap is equipped with an epoxy-bound, hot-dipped galvanized cast iron C or D hook at each end. We use an exceptional composite-to-metal bonding technique that ensures a long-lasting corrosion-resistant anchoring system capable of sustaining extensive tensile loads, i.e. 35,000 lbs (155,500 N) with only 2% elongation at breaking point.

Our straps are well known for their quality and reliability. In fact, 70% to 75% of the weight of the strap is high quality fiberglass roving.

They are packaged for easy loading, unloading and on-site handling.

hold-down straps

We can also deliver the straps on standard pallets perfectly suited for these products.

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