As a leader in the development of composites, we offer solutions that create value, while fully satisfying the novel needs of highly dynamic and continually evolving leading sectors, in full respect for our planet and the well-being of its inhabitants. Our products are sustainable, efficient, durable and cost-effective, and are the perfect choice for any company on the path to sustainable development.

Needless to say, environmental issues are at the very heart of Pultrusion technique’s activities. We are certified by environmental authorities who conduct inspections on a regular basis.

Although the pultrusion process is environmentally friendly, Pultrusion technique uses efficient techniques, equipment, materials and control methods to minimize volatile emissions during manufacturing, and reduce energy consumption as well.


We have established procedures that are followed up on a regular basis to ensure continuous improvement of material handling, storage, recovery, recycling, and exposure to hazardous chemical substances. Pultrusion technique strives to reduce its environmental footprint in all its business operations.

The essence of this intrinsic value is also found in our research and development activities. We provide our employees with the right environment and conditions because we know that satisfied and engaged talents will endeavour to ensure delivery of our innovative, ecological and energy-efficient products. We are creating and experimenting with promising technological innovations that, not only exceed global standards, but also protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Our approach allows us to use our resources more efficiently, ensure continued improvement of our processes, and deepen our commitment to moving forward responsibly for our well-being and that of future generations.